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Improving the Affordable Care Act Markets (Part 1)

By JONATHAN HALVORSON, PhD With each passing year, the Affordable Care Act becomes further entrenched in the American health care system. There are dreams on both the far left and far rightContinue reading......

What’s on USMLE Step 1?

By BRYAN CARMODY Recently, I was on The Accad and Koka Report to share my opinions on USMLE Step 1 scoring policy. (If you’re interested, you can listen to the episode on the show website or iTunes.)Continue reading......

Health in 2 Point 00, Episode 98 | Connected Health, Pear Therapeutics & the Sutter Settlement

Today on Health in 2 Point 00, Jess and I are at Connected Health in Boston. On Episode 98, Jess asks me about Sandoz breaking up with Pear Therapeutics; Papa raising $10Continue reading......

Improving Medical AI Safety by Addressing Hidden Stratification

By LUKE OAKDEN-RAYNER MD, JARED DUNNMON, PhD Medical AI testing is unsafe, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. No regulator is seriously considering implementing “pharmaceutical style” clinical trials for AIContinue reading......

Are Neighbors the New Caregivers? | Matiu Bush, RMIT University & One Good Street

By JESSICA DAMASSA, WTF HEALTH A few weeks ago, WTF Health took the show on the road to Australia’s digital health conference, HIC 2019. We captured more than 30 interviews (!) fromContinue reading......

Let Patients Lead – Explaining Addiction and Recovery to Families

By HANS DUVEFELT, MD We knew that the most powerful way to provide substance abuse treatment is in a group setting. Group members can offer support to each other and call outContinue reading......

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