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Medicare to cover CAR-T. Italians use payment at results. The Navy introduces value-based care. Democrats’ plans to limit drug prices. Using contingent valuation to weight quality measures. Public health spending increases GDP....

Expert Knowledge Elicitation: A Brief Review of Different Approaches

We must accept that there is subjectivity in every stage of scientific inquiry, but objectivity is nevertheless the fundamental goal. Therefore, we should base judgments on evidence and careful reasoning, and seek wherever possible to eliminate potential sources of bias.(Brownstein et al. 2018) In many cases–for instance building a cost effectiveness model–there are some parameters…...

Where do the Democratic Presidential candidates stand on health care?

In short, most of them want to expand government payment for and control of health care in the United States. Looking at the top 10 candidates (Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Booker, Klobuchar, Yang, Castro, Gabbard) according to recent polls captured on 538, I staked out the candidates current positions on reforming the health…...

Introduction to the Military Health Service

Active service military need health care. How do they get it For the 9.5 million active military beneficiaries and their families, the Military Health Service (MHS) provides the health care they need. Some of the medical care is provided at military facilities and some care is purchased through non-military (i.e., civilian) providers. A paper by…...

What is an HRA-IIHIC?

President Trump wants to allow more people be able to purchase lower cost health plans. Most of the media has focused on plans to make it easier to purchase short-term plans and association health plans. However, a recent final rule is also making it easier to use pre-tax dollars to fund premiums for individual health…...

Character and policymaking in the real world

I am reading an interesting book called Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and The End of the American Century by George Packer. In the heat of the moment, however, how much of foreign policy is made based on rigorous academic research but in foreign policy, in the heat of the moment, dealing with lots of misinformation,…...

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  • Transcend Travel Bag

    Transcend Travel Bag
    The Somnetics Transcend Travel Bag is a durable, convenient and high quality transportation bag for sleep apnea patients. It has a detachable strap that makes i...(more)

    $40.00 More Details
  • Transcend Starter System Filter Frame

    Transcend Starter System Filter Frame
    The Somnetics Transcend Starter System Filter Frame is designed for stater systems purchased before May 2013 only. In this filter media is attached to the frame...(more)

    $13.00 More Details
  • Filter Media

    Filter Media
    Breath clean air using this Filter Media. This Filter Media cleanse the air to provide you a more healthy, clean air during your sleep apnea therapy. It is reco...(more)

    $4.35 More Details
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