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Progress on risk-based agreements. ACOs increase cost P4P fail with gym memberships. The importance of reading. “Super Bowl of lung cancer immunotherapy” Apple Watch health data leads to murder conviction. plus The Spring is Here! HWR....

How can we keep people out of the hospital?

One idea is to provide additional funding for both formal and informal caregiving services.  For instance, one could subsidize nursing homes or home health agencies on the formal side; for informal caregiving, one could give stipends to individuals to care for their elderly parents.  The question is, does this implementation actually work This is the […]...

Healthcare Economist reaches 4,000 Posts

This post is my 4,000th blog post here at Healthcare Economist.  The blog started January 19, 2006, when I (not so) cleverly titled my very first blog post “Welcome!!!”  Over the years, we have covered a variety of issues: from health reform and value-based purchasing, to innovation and outcomes-based pricing; from current events and health […]...

Estimated prevalence of undiagnosed atrial fibrillation in the United States

This paper–written with co-authors Mintu P. Turakhia, Katalin Bognar, Jeffrey Trocio, Younos Abdulsattar, Daniel Wiederkehr, and Dana P. Goldman–is now up at PLOS One.  The study abstract is pasted below. Introduction As atrial fibrillation (AF) is often asymptomatic, it may remain undiagnosed until or even after development of complications, such as stroke. Consequently the observed […]...

Which inflation index should I use?

Many studies use data on health care costs from multiple time periods.  To make costs comparable over time, researchers often use an inflation index to translate previous years costs to current dollars.  The first question is, what inflation indices are available to make this adjustment.  A paper by Dunn et al. (2018) reviews the potential […]...


I’m very skeptical of appropriateness modifiers. Computer scientist prefers paper voting. The Florida shuffle. Workers’ Comp managed care. Does culture matter for quality of care in hospitals Should you give up on preventive care...

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  • Tubing Swivel Connector

    Tubing Swivel Connector
    The Salter Labs Tubing Swivel Connectors are simple, reliable tubing connectors that eliminate tangling, twisting and kinking of oxygen tubing....(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Filter Media

    Filter Media
    Breath clean air using this Filter Media. This Filter Media cleanse the air to provide you a more healthy, clean air during your sleep apnea therapy. It is reco...(more)

    $4.35 More Details
  • Medi-Vac Suction Canister

    Medi-Vac Suction Canister
    The Cardinal Health Medi-Vac Suction Canister is a disposable, hard plastic canister system that helps to collect and retain aspirated materials. The canister...(more)

    $4.49 More Details
  • Addipak Prefilled Vials

    Addipak Prefilled Vials
    Provide a sterile solution to your inhalation therapy with this Addipak Prefilled Vials. These prefilled vials are a sterile solution to be used for inhalation ...(more)

    $16.99 More Details
  • E Cylinder Wrenches

    E Cylinder Wrenches
    The Responsive Respiratory Plastic E Cylinder Wrenches come with patient friendly on/off marking for ease of use....(more)

    $18.99 More Details
  • Economy CPAP Tubing

    Economy CPAP Tubing
    Replace your worn out or lost CPAP tubing with this Economy CPAP Tubing. This CPAP tubing is made of a durable and flexible material. It is a Smooth bore univer...(more)

    $18.99 More Details
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