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Can single payer systems work?

Much of the discussions of the pros and cons of single payer systems are ideological.  Single payer advocates will say they are fair, potentially can leverage economies of scale, and more equitable.  Single payer opponents will argue that they are inefficient, and restrict choice. An interesting paper from Tomoki Fuji (2018), shows that the answer…...

Positive externalities of Medicaid expansion

From Sen and DeLeire (2018): …premiums of Marketplace plans are 11% lower in Medicaid expansion states, controlling for demographic and health characteristics as well as measures of health care access. These results are consistent with evidence on the composition of the private insurance risk pool in expansion versus nonexpansion states and associated differences in expected…...

What is the difference between rate, risk and odds?

Oftentimes, you will ready a study that says, treatment A reduces the rate of something by X%, or the treatment reduces the risk by Y%, or reduces the odds by Z%.  These are basically the same thing, right That is not entirely correct.  While all these concepts summarize the frequency or likelihood of something occuring…...

November Health Wonk Review

Lisa Lines of The Medical Care Blog hosts this month’s edition of the Health Wonk Review.  Lisa blogs from San Diego as she is attending the American Public Health Association annual meeting.  The HWR edition talks about HRRP, income eligibility for the health insurance exchanges, pharmacists as providers, Medicaid expansion and many other topics. Check…...

The Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is well-known in medicine. Give people a sugar pill, they have shown, and those patients — especially if they have one of the chronic, stress-related conditions that register the strongest placebo effects and if the treatment is delivered by someone in whom they have confidence — will improve. Tell someone a normal…...

How does cost/QALY affect ICER committee votes on value?

That is the question asked by Peter Neumann, Madison Silver, and Joshua T. Cohen in their recent Health Affairs blog article.   The authors use publicly-available information from ICER reports, in order to analyze committee member votes across 48 treatments assessed by ICER.  ICER reports considered were published between December 2014 and August 2018.  As shown…...

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  • Transcend Travel Bag

    Transcend Travel Bag
    The Somnetics Transcend Travel Bag is a durable, convenient and high quality transportation bag for sleep apnea patients. It has a detachable strap that makes i...(more)

    $40.00 More Details
  • Transcend Starter System Filter Frame

    Transcend Starter System Filter Frame
    The Somnetics Transcend Starter System Filter Frame is designed for stater systems purchased before May 2013 only. In this filter media is attached to the frame...(more)

    $13.00 More Details
  • Filter Media

    Filter Media
    Breath clean air using this Filter Media. This Filter Media cleanse the air to provide you a more healthy, clean air during your sleep apnea therapy. It is reco...(more)

    $4.35 More Details
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