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Do most employees with HDHP have employer funded HSAs Are cardiovascular drugs providing high value Cash transfers? better health “We need to be innovative with our care as long as we fervently believe we can do it safely,” Raj of the NHS....

Hospital group purchasing and drug prices

Yesterday I noted that competition is key to driving down prices in health insurance markets.† Competition is about expanding the number of suppliers available for a given product.† Now let’s think about the demand side.† Does reducing the number of purchasers increase or decrease price† One could think that price would fall because buyers would…...

What is a Pharmacy Benefits Manager?

An interesting news story from PBS Newshour on pharmacy benefits manager (PBM).† Of particular interest is a clip of Alex Azar testifying that “We may need to move toward a system without rebates, where PBMs receive no compensation from the very pharma companies that they are supposed to be negotiating against.”...

CHIP take-up is high among children

Federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) ended in September 2017.† This caused a stir as many parent’s relied on CHIP for their children’s health insurance.† In January 2018, however,†the federal government’s passed a six-year CHIP funding extension and resolved to continue to fund this program.†The headlines at the time showed pictures of…...

Patient care under uncertainty: Or why I learned to stop loving clinical practice guidelines

The National Cancer Institute defines personalized medicine as “uses information about a personís genes, proteins, and environment to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease”. In practice, however, patient treatment is rarely personalized by individual since evidence to support complete personalization is rarely available. Personalization in practice more often means care that varies with some individual characteristics.…...

The importance of competition in ACA marketplaces

Competition matters for markets…even health care markets. A paper by Van Parys (2018) relies on a database of plan premium and market characteristics among states with federally-facilitated health insurance exchange Marketplaces.† In this analysis, she finds that: In 2018, Marketplace premiums were 50 percent ($180) higher, on average, in rating areas with monopolist insurers, compared…...

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