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Progress in the war on cancer

Siegel et al. (2019) present a review of cancer incidence and mortality statistics in American over recent decades. Their key findings were: Over the past decade of data, the cancer incidence rate (2006-2015) was stable in women and declined by approximately 2% per year in men, whereas the cancer death rate (2007-2016) declined annually by…...

What is a “digital practitioner”?

The FDA estimates that 50% of all 3.4 billion worldwide smartphone users have downloaded a health app. Do these apps work Even if they work for the average patient, will they work for you And with whom could you discuss your app-based treatment options To answer these questions, in the future you may need a…...

Quotation of the Day

The first Quality of an Historian is to be true & impartial; the next to be interesting. David Hume The same could be said of any researcher or even blogger (at least those bloggers like myself focused on advancing knowledge). I found this quotation in the very interesting book The Infidel and the Professor: David Hume, Adam Smith and the Friendship that Shaped Modern Thought. Very interesting....

How have pharmaceutical innovation affected mortality in the Middle East and Africa?

Although the high cost of pharmaceuticals is often in the news, these costs are offset by improved health benefits. However, it may not be clear the extent to which new pharmaceutical products lead to improved health at the national level. A paper by Lichtenberg (2018) aims to examine this question looking at the introduction of…...

Trends in productivity of jokes

Stand-up economist Yoram Bauman, weighs on how AI will affect to productivity of jokes. Enjoy....

Why Gavin Newson’s plan to negotiate with drug companies will not lower prices

In one of his first acts as California Governor, Gavin Newson has proposed a way to reduce drug price: let California use its size to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical firms. As the N.Y. Times reports: [O]n Monday, Mr. Newsom signed an executive order proposing a plan that would allow California to directly negotiate with drug manufacturers. The…...

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