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Regulation and quality: home health edition. NICE + CADTH = consultants The start of price transparency Gottlieb: Use of RWD, machine learning in clinical trials Experiencing patient experience....

Measuring the value of pharmaceuticals over time

Measuring treatment value is difficult. Costs are relatively easier to measure but benefits are often more difficult, particularly impact on caregiver burden, productivity, quality of life and other factors. Not only that, but the “benefits” that accrue to a person may vary by individual. Some individuals may prefer treatments that are more effective, but with…...

ICER and Unsupported Price Increases

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) recently announced that it would annually review treatments with significant price increases to determine if these changes are unsupported by evidence on value. I was recently interviewed by Radar on Specialty Pharmacy to discuss the topic. Jason Shafrin, Ph.D., a senior director of policy and economics at…...

Open-Source Decision Model for Value Assessment Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments

In a recently published paper in PharmacoEconomics, I–along with co-authors Devin Incerti, Jeff Curtis, Darius Lakdawalla, and Jeroen Jansen–describe a recently developed open-source platform for measuring the value of treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. The model itself is here, but and the abstract from Incerti et al. (2019) is below: Objective The nature of model-based cost-effectiveness…...

Who uses medical marijuana?

A number of medical studies have touted the benefits of medical marijuana. But who actually uses medical cannibis Some statistics from Boenhke et al. (2019) provide the answer: While conventional wisdom hold that medical marijuana is frequently used for glaucoma, in practice, this medical marijuana is much more likely to be used to treat other…...

Friday Links

Women in economics. Opioids and hepatitis C. Fax machines never die. War on drug-related deaths. Expanding tech in clinical trials....

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  • Transcend Heated Humidifier

    Transcend Heated Humidifier
    Add warm humidification to your Sleep apnea therapy using this Transcend Heated Humidifier. This Heated Humidifier is designed to be one of the smallest humidif...(more)

    $140.00 More Details
  • Transcend Auto Mini CPAP

    Transcend Auto Mini CPAP
    Aid your sleep apnea with the Transcend Auto Mini CPAP. The Transcend Auto Mini CPAP is small and lightweight CPAP machine that features an auto-adjusting techn...(more)

    $529.99 More Details
  • Transcend EZEX Mini CPAP

    Transcend EZEX Mini CPAP
    Aid your breathing during your sleep with this Transcend EZEX Mini CPAP. This Mini CPAP features an EZEX Pressure Relief Technology that helps you gain pressure...(more)

    $499.99 More Details