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Addressing Type S vs. Type M errors with Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling

In statistics, most statistical tests aim to trade off type I and type II errors.  Type I error is the incorrect rejection of a true null hypothesis, in other words a false positive.  Type II errors are the incorrect retaining a false null hypothesis; in other words, a false negative.  Oftentimes, the null hypothesis is posed […]...

Need data on health plan benefit design in the ACA exchanges?

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has a publicly available data source you can use to find this information.  Known as HIX Compare, the data contain descriptions of plans in the individual and small group markets across all 50 states. HIX Compare is the only dataset with information on nearly every individual and small group marketplace plan […]...

Is the physicians labor market recession proof?

According to a Health Economics paper by Alice Chen, Anthony Lo Sasso, and Michael R. Richards, the answer is ‘yes’.  According to their study: We leverage a unique dataset on New York physicians to analyze if and how the Great Recession impacted the labor market of physicians who have completed their residency and fellowship training and are […]...

Friday Links

NICE, NHS and cancer drug reimbursement in the UK. Why Medicare Advantage succeeds where Marketplace fails Do 40% of UK docs want to leave the profession Unintended consequences of abuse-deterrent opioids. “Use a smart toothbrush and get dental insurance at a discount!”...

HWR Going for the Gold Edition

The latest edition of the Health Wonk Review–the Going for the Gold Edition— has been posted at HealthInsurance.org.  Thanks to Steve Anderson for hosting.  Check it out!...

Bayes vs. Fisher

An interesting People of Science video compares the approaches of two titans of statistics, Ronald A. Fisher and Thomas Bayes....

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