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  • Bra Angel Dressing Aid

    Bra Angel Dressing Aid
    The Bra Angel Dressing Aid was designed by an Occupational Therapist to allow ladies who have the use of one hand to be able to put on their bra independently. ...(more)

    $25.95 More Details
  • Easywipe Toileting Aid

    Easywipe Toileting Aid
    The Buckingham Easywipe Toileting Aid is the original toileting aid designed to help with personal hygiene challenges for those who find reaching difficult.Thro...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Compact Easywipe Toileting Aid

    Compact Easywipe Toileting Aid
    The Buckingham Compact Easywipe Toileting Aid is the original folding toileting aid designed for easy storage or travel. This long handle, easy to use toilet ai...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Coiler Elastic Shoe Laces

    Coiler Elastic Shoe Laces
    Coiler Elastic Shoe Laces are coiled elastic shoelaces that stretch to allow users to put on or take off lace up shoes without tying them. These curly, stretch ...(more)

    $2.95 More Details
  • Evolution Nail Clippers

    Evolution Nail Clippers
    The contoured handle of the Evolution Nail Clippers allows you to hold these adapted clippers in a comfortable position. These ergonomic nail clippers cut bette...(more)

    $7.95 More Details
  • Evolution Toenail Clippers

    Evolution Toenail Clippers
    The wider jaw opening of the Evolution Toenail Clippers allow you to fit thick toenails between the cutting edges. Even really curved toenails can be cut with t...(more)

    $8.95 More Details
  • FootMate Cleaning System

    FootMate Cleaning System
    The FootMate Cleaning System is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging feet easily in the shower or bathtub. A gentle in...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • FootMate Cleansing Gel

    FootMate Cleansing Gel
    The FootMate Cleansing Gel thoroughly cleanses and softens feet with gentle, effective cleansers. Caregivers will find this gel aids in good toenail health, hel...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • FootMate Rejuvenating Cream

    FootMate Rejuvenating Cream
    The FootMate Rejuvenating Cream helps heal cracked, calloused, and dry feet, and keeps feet supple and soft. With ingredients ideal for daily foot care, the cre...(more)

    $16.95 More Details
  • Handi Bracelet

    Handi Bracelet
    The Handi Bracelet firmly holds your bracelet in place, allowing you to you easily fasten the clasp. This attractive elastic bracelet has a hook that holds the ...(more)

    $6.95 More Details
  • Red PocketDresser

    Red PocketDresser
    The Red PocketDresser is a combination button hook, zipper pull, and button aid designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities....(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • I-Zip Zipper Pull Dressing Aid

    I-Zip Zipper Pull Dressing Aid
    The I-Zip Zipper Pull Dressing Aid allows users to easily pull a zipper on the back of a dress or blouse without a helping hand. This zipper pull has a loop pul...(more)

    $10.95 More Details
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