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  • Elbowlift Suspension Pad

    Elbowlift Suspension Pad
    The Elbowlift Suspension Pad benefits patients who are bedridden or who spend time in a wheelchair. The bony prominence at the elbow can make this area suscepti...(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • Softeze Memory Foam Half Roll

    Softeze Memory Foam Half Roll
    The Softeze Memory Foam Half Roll is the ideal size and shape for elevating the feet, knees or for gentle back support. Caregivers will find this half moon shap...(more)

    $29.95 More Details
  • Body Aligner Pillow

    Body Aligner Pillow
    Specially designed Body Aligner Pillow, is a foam wedge that helps maintain a perfect position while reducing pressure in sensitive areas.Place along the back w...(more)

    $23.95 More Details
  • Foam Slant

    Foam Slant
    The Foam Slant is a multipurpose wedge pillow with a removable, washable cover. Caregivers will find this positioning wedge pillow provides better body support ...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Knee Rest Pillow

    Knee Rest Pillow
    The Knee Rest Pillow is a soft foam wedge that is more stable than regular pillows. This positioning wedge pillow was designed to promote proper lower extremity...(more)

    $41.95 More Details
  • Leg Lifter Wedge Pillow

    Leg Lifter Wedge Pillow
    The Leg Lifter Wedge Pillow is designed to help maintain the proper pelvic tilt position to gently ease stress on the lower spine. This polyurethane foam wedge ...(more)

    $22.95 More Details
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