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7 Reasons Unrelated To Aging Why Your Vision Is Changing

The eye is both an exceptionally powerful and extremely sensitive organ. Contrary to popular belief, not all eye problems are attributed to watching too much television or aging. There can be various other reasons why you may experience blurred vision, strange visual patterns and unfortunately at times, visual loss. Let’s look at some of them: Refractive Errors: This is of course,... The post 7 Reasons Unrelated To Aging Why Your Vision Is Changing appeared first on . ...

How To Effectively Quit Smoking Without Relapse?

It is a known fact that smoking is bad for the body, but most people fail to realize that it also affects the health of those around. Quitting smoking can really be difficult, which prompts the smokers to come up with excuses like ‘I am quitting soon’, ‘I am not addicted’, ‘smoking is cool’, ‘it helps me calm down’ and... The post How To Effectively Quit Smoking Without Relapse appeared first on . ...

9 Common Myths About Heart Disease

The heart is a four-chambered organ which pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs for oxygenation and then pumps the oxygen-rich blood back to the whole body. Any problems in the structure of the heart can affect its functioning. Most heart conditions affect the cardiac muscles, the blood vessels, the electrical conduction system, and the valves of the heart. The signs... The post 9 Common Myths About Heart Disease appeared first on . ...

7 Common Eating Habits That Lead To Excessive Hair Fall

Hair fall is an embarrassing affliction that affects many individuals and leaves them insecure about their appearance. While genetics play an important role in hair health and balding patterns, another important and overlooked factor in hair growth is your choice of diet. Hair growth is linked to the presence of certain nutrients in the body and a concentrated presence of... The post 7 Common Eating Habits That Lead To Excessive Hair Fall appeared first on . ...

10 Early Signs Of Depression

Depression is not, as many people seem to think, merely a feeling of being upset or “blue.” It is a severe medical condition that has real neurological causes and effects. However, many of the symptoms of depression are hard to decipher as they are subtle and will not seem too removed from the behavior of someone having a bad day.... The post 10 Early Signs Of Depression appeared first on . ...

Diabetes And Bariatric Surgery

Overweight and obesity, as we know, is a huge problem worldwide. More and more people of all ages are now obese or overweight all over the world. Obesity affects people of all ages and all socio-economic groups. Apart from the physical problems that obesity brings with it, there are a number of medical problems that occur which lead to the... The post Diabetes And Bariatric Surgery appeared first on . ...

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