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What You Can Do to ‘Prevent to Protect’ Against Birth Defects

Being pregnant is a very special time in a mother’s life. A lot of time is spent planning for a baby’s arrival, from making sure to eat healthy foods and staying active to purchasing the safest car seat. Pregnancy is also a time when parents worry about their future child’s health and well-being. One big worry parents may have is whether their child will have to start out life with a serious birth defect. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 33 babies is born with a ...

#IAmHHS: Finding the Essence of Public Service

As the Region III administrator for SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, I have the privilege of working with and serving the people of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. One of my main jobs is making sure that when there is a conversation about health, behavioral health is at the table. There was a time when that was not the case. But today we know that working collaboratively is a key success factor in reducing the...

Empowering Our Communities on the MLK Day of Service

“Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.” -- Martin Luther King Jr. The observance of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on January 15 is a time for us to reflect on the life and achievements of an extraordinary leader in American history. Dr. King devoted his life to advancing equality, social justice and economic opportunity through service to others. He also linked the quest for equality to healthcare and talked about the importance of being first in moral excellence and gen...

#IAmHHS: A Personal Loss Motivates Drive for Integrated Care

Can you imagine having a chronic condition like diabetes and not being able to receive the treatment that you need Or not knowing where or how to get treatment or having a long wait for services when you have a medical crisis Well that is exactly what happens to millions of people with serious mental illness. My job is to try and change that, by helping people with serious mental illnesses get the  help, treatment services and recovery supports they need, when they need it, so they can lead hea...

Finding Safe, Loving Homes for Teens in Need

During the Christmas and holiday season, we enjoy the opportunity to spend time with our family and loved ones. So it’s an appropriate time to remember how important it is to secure the blessing of a loving family for every American, and it’s appropriate that November marks National Adoption Month. The Department of Health and Human Services plays an important role in helping American families adopt children now in foster care. HHS’s Children’s Bureau, part of the Administration for Children and...

Connecting Data to Save Lives

 Each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 140 Americans die from drug overdoses, 91 specifically due to opioids. These numbers are staggering and disturbing, but having a clearer picture of the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic across the nation can help us target interventions and develop new solutions to end it. To do this, we need data. Lots of data. We have to understand the epidemic in order to stop it. We at the Office of the Chief Technolog...

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  • Select Disposable Briefs

    Select Disposable Briefs
    Select Disposable Brief is specially designed for heavy incontinence. The blue soft-wicking layer accelerates moisture pick-up to provide rapid absorbency and s...(more)

    $7.49 More Details
  • Dignity Unisex Pant

    Dignity Unisex Pant
    The Hartmann USA Dignity Pant Unisex Reusable is made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester with wide elastic waistband. This fitted brief is streamlined...(more)

    $7.49 More Details
  • Invacare Vinyl Pull-On Pant

    Invacare Vinyl Pull-On Pant
    The Invacare Vinyl Pull-On Pant is a soft vinyl constructed pant that eliminates embarrassing crinkling sounds for discreet incontinence protection. Its elastic...(more)

    $7.49 More Details
  • SlimLine Disposable Brief

    SlimLine Disposable Brief
    The SlimLine Disposable Brief Tranquility is an adult diaper designed for heavy incontinence. This is a soft, comfortable brief with superior absorbency and exc...(more)

    $8.49 More Details
  • Moderate Absorbency Brief

    Moderate Absorbency Brief
    The Cardinal Cardinal Moderate Absorbency Brief is made of cloth-like outer fabric. It has Velcro like tab fastener. It is designed to protect moderate absorben...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • Adult Small Brief

    Adult Small Brief
    The TENA Adult Small Brief is designed for moderate to heavy bowel and bladder protection. Its Super Absorbent Polymer improves fluid absorption. It features ...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • Wings Adult Brief - Classic

    Wings Adult Brief - Classic
    The Covidien Wings Classic Adult Brief has a full fit design to offer complete coverage and maximum absorbency. The brief features an extra wide crotch for addi...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Full-Mat Adult Briefs

    Full-Mat Adult Briefs
    The Prevail IB Full-Mat Adult Brief by First Quality is an absorbent mat with complete coverage to reduce skin breakdown. It has ultra-absorbent core for maximu...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • ATN Disposable Brief

    ATN Disposable Brief
    The Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) Disposable Briefs are ultra-absorbent briefs that provide maximum protection against wetness through all night or la...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Select Disposable Briefs

    Select Disposable Briefs
    Select Disposable Brief is specially designed for heavy incontinence. The blue soft-wicking layer accelerates moisture pick-up to provide rapid absorbency and s...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Dignity UltraShield Plus Brief

    Dignity UltraShield Plus Brief
    The Hartmann USA Whitestone UltraShield Plus Youth Brief is a full-mat premium brief with maximum absorbency that provide optimum protection, comfort and improv...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Nu-Fit Briefs

    Nu-Fit Briefs
    The First Quality Prevail Nu-Fit is an adult brief for moderate incontinence protection. It features Advanced Zoning System for leakage protection and skin dryn...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Men Briefs

    Men Briefs
    The TENA for Men especially designed for men with light to moderate urinary incontinence and post-prostate surgery incontinence. Its anatomical design offers a ...(more)

    $10.49 More Details
  • Breathable Briefs

    Breathable Briefs
    The Invacare Basic Breathable Briefs for moderate to heavy incontinence. Its super absorbent polymer with a soft, stretchable, cloth-like backsheet offers maxim...(more)

    $10.49 More Details
  • Per-fit Briefs

    Per-fit Briefs
    The Per-fit Frontal Tape Briefs by First Quality are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence protection. These briefs feature comfortable waist panels, soft...(more)

    $10.99 More Details
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