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Improving Public Health through ďAccelerating Clinical Innovation

Edisonís famous quote that genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration isnít just true for light bulbs. Itís also true for the world of healthcare.†At HHS we arenít just trying to replicate Edisonís systematic approach to invention, but also figure out how the system of bio-medical innovation, both incremental and disruptive works. We can then find out how the federal governmentís healthcare initiatives, of which we are the standard, can be reformed and refocused to advance innovation in healt...

HHS Federal Plan to Tackle Rising Rates of Sexually Transmitted

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States have increased over the past five years, with a record-breaking number of cases, according to the CDCs latest Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance report, released today. STIs are now a public health crisis. Many STIs do not have symptoms, but when left undetected and untreated they can lead to serious health consequences. One of the most common STIs, human papillomavirus (HPV), can lead to six types of cancer. Untreated syphilis i...

Improving Access to Child Care for Working Families

Today, more Americans are working than ever before. Virtually every demographic is achieving historic low unemployment rates. As the Trump Administrationís policies continue to fuel economic growth, weíve seen millions of Americans come off the sidelines and rejoin the workforce. In fact, job openings (7.2 million) have exceeded the number of job seekers (6 million) for well over a year. To most people, this is great news Ė who doesnít want a strong economy But employers are desperate for worker...

A Newly FDA-Licensed Vaccine for the Prevention of Smallpox

Our nation and the world marked a significant milestone in global health security and emergency preparedness today with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration licensure of a novel vaccine to prevent both smallpox and monkeypox, a virus related to smallpox, in adults at high risk for infection. The FDA granted the application Priority Review status. Smallpox once reigned as one of the deadliest diseases known to humankind, infecting approximately 50 million people a year and killing an estimated 3...

Ignored No More: Reimagining Primary Health Care

A genetic mutation that is believed to have occurred 7,300 years ago continues to kill thousands of persons every year in Africa.†Researchers†studying historical records and analysis of the genomes of close to 3,000 people with some genetic history of Sickle Cell Disease, or SCD, believe that it originated over 250 generations ago in the Green Sahara, somewhere in West-Central Africa. Sickle Cell Disease†is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders, caused by a single gene mutation, resultin...

Improving Access to Care in Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Edward Ivy I have lived with sickle cell disease for 48 years. The toll it takes goes far beyond pain Ė it has impacted me emotionally, economically, and psychosocially. I missed childhood activities because I was too sick or tired. I missed school days and worked harder to catch up on missed assignments. I learned to live with sickle cell disease, but it still impacted my ambitions. I wanted to join the Air Force and serve my country, but those dreams were dashed when a recruiter in high sc...

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