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Elder Abuse: A public health issue that affects all of us

Elder abuse is a critical social, health, and economic problem. Approximately 10 percent of adults age 60 and older have experienced physical abuse, psychological or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. Older Americans lose an estimated $2.9 billion a year as a result of financial exploitation. In the most heartbreaking cases, it means the complete loss of savings earned through decades of hard work. Elder abuse also is a critical public health issue. Survivors report ...

Barbershops Help Black Men Lower Their Blood Pressure

Marc Sims was surprised when he walked into his neighborhood barbershop one Saturday morning two years ago and spotted several strangers carrying medical gear. The 43-year-old law-firm operations clerk, a regular at the Inglewood, California, barbershop, learned the strangers were engaged in a research study. Sims overheard something about measuring blood pressure and about “a health crisis” in the black community. He waited for his weekly turn in the barber’s chair and watched the technicians s...

My Story of Recovery

Note: This is one of a series of stories by people whose lives have been affected by the use of opioids. Fighting the nation’s opioid crisis is one of HHS’s main priorities. I’m a captain in the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service. I hold a position of responsibility at HHS working on the nation’s opioids crisis and serious mental illness initiatives — and I’ve been in recovery from addiction for more than 16 years. It’s not easy to open my life story to the public, but I want ...

Don’t Forget Those Who Are Suffering From Pain

Our nation faces a tremendous challenge in fighting an epidemic of opioid misuse. Many Americans have developed their addiction following treatment for a painful condition, and many are overdosing on prescription painkillers or illegal opioids like heroin and illicit fentanyl. In fact, it is estimated that between 60 and 75 percent of Americans who use heroin started with misusing prescription opioids. Confronting this challenge from all angles is one of HHS’s top four priorities, and an area of...

Improving Health Through Better Employment

Employment and job creation build prosperity and carry important health benefits, both for individuals and entire communities. There is a large and growing body of literature demonstrating a positive correlation between employment and individual and community health. Employment can be defined as a contractual relationship between the worker and an employer for financial or other reward that is sustained over a period of time. It can be used as a socially acceptable means of earning a living and ...

We Need to find an Affordable and Effective Treatment

President Trump recently addressed his plan to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs, a major priority of his and HHS Secretary Azar. This is one of a series of blogs by Americans who have been challenged by expensive medications. My mother had Alzheimer’s disease and passed away in 2002 after 11 years living with the disease. She was 63 when she was officially diagnosed, following several years of at first a subtle, then eventually a more obvious cognitive decline. She was increasingly fo...

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  • Guards for Men

    Guards for Men
    The Attends Guards for Men is anatomically designed for light incontinence. These come with a unique form-fitting shape and a thin design for comfortable fit. T...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • SureCare Mens Bladder Control Pads

    SureCare Mens Bladder Control Pads
    The SureCare Bladder Control Pads offer effective yet discreet protection for light incontinence control. High concentration Poly-Fresh super absorbent polymer ...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • HandiCare Garment Liner

    HandiCare Garment Liner
    The Covidien HandiCare Garment Liners are part of 2-part absorbency system for light to heavy incontinence protection. It can be used in regular panties. Liners...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • Serenity Pads

    Serenity Pads
    The Tena Serenity Pads Ultra are designed for moderate to heavy continuous bladder leakage. Their soft, cloth-like outer layer offers extra comfort and a double...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • TopLiner Booster Pad and Contour Pad

    TopLiner Booster Pad and Contour Pad
    The Tranquility TopLiner Booster pad improves comfort by ending leakage, skin rash and nighttime changes. It keeps skin dry and clean and allows for normal dayt...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Poise Ultra Thins Pads

    Poise Ultra Thins Pads
    The Poise Ultra Thins Pads manufactured by Kimberly Clark are designed for light bladder leakage protection. These pads feature absorb-loc core that locks away ...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
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