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Market for DNA Sequencers Growing by Leaps and Bounds

The market for high-speed DNA sequencers is taking flight, DeciBio, a consulting and analytics firm focused in the life sciences told me....

Trump Again Calls for Repealing Obamacare

Repealing Obamacare is still on the agenda for the Trump administration....

White House Plan to Limit Generic Drug Exclusivity Could Backfire

The Trump administration has proposed restricting generic drug exclusivity to increase competition and lower prices, but attorneys told me this proposal could backfire....

Congressional Budget Pact Includes Telehealth Sweetener

Medicare managed care coverage for telehealth services is receiving a boost under a two-year spending bill, which became law Feb. 9....

Medicare Agency Signals More Deregulation This Year

The White House appears to be signaling greater Medicare regulatory relief this year, much to hospitalsí delight. However, not everyone is jumping for joy....

Republican Senator Working on Drug Patent Bill to Cut Drug Costs

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) told me Feb. 7 she is working on legislation that would lower drug costs by keeping pharmaceutical companies from gaming the patent system....

Search results for "Diagnostic - Weighing Scales"

  • Dial Scale

    Dial Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Dial Scale combines economy with accuracy. It features steel base, non-slip mat on the platform and an easy-to-read dial....(more)

    $20.99 More Details
  • Baseline BMI Scale

    Baseline BMI Scale
    The Baseline BMI Body Fat Scale manufactured by Fabrication offers quick and efficient measurement of weight, water percentage and body weight percentage. This ...(more)

    $36.99 More Details
  • Digital Floor Scale - 397 lbs

    Digital Floor Scale - 397 lbs
    The Health-o-Meter Low Profile Digital Floor Scale comes with large metal base and stable, plastic platform. It calculates and displays weighs in pounds and kil...(more)

    $54.99 More Details
  • Mechanical Floor Scale

    Mechanical Floor Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Large Dial Mechanical Scale features 6.5 inch easy-to-read dial, durable steel base, oversized platform and non-slip mat. This scale calculat...(more)

    $60.99 More Details
  • Digital Floor Scale - 440 lbs

    Digital Floor Scale - 440 lbs
    The Health-o-Meter High Capacity Digital Floor Scale has an easy-to-clean plastic platform with a heavy-duty metal base inside. This comes with an extra-large d...(more)

    $93.99 More Details
  • Pro Raised Dial Scale

    Pro Raised Dial Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Pro Raised Dial Scale is a mechanically operated scale and helps to monitor body weight accurately. Its heavy duty steel base with non-slip t...(more)

    $106.99 More Details
  • Mechanical Floor Scale

    Mechanical Floor Scale
    The Seca Mechanical Floor Scale is a precise, classic design with a large, clear and well-defined dial. It features a circular display, a stable, powder-coated ...(more)

    $207.99 More Details
  • Pediatric Digital Scale

    Pediatric Digital Scale
    The Health O Meter Pediatric Digital Infant Scale is an ideal choice for pediatric offices, hospitals and infant home care. This extremely portable digital infa...(more)

    $214.99 More Details
  • Physician Beam Scale

    Physician Beam Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Physician Beam Scale provides factory calibrated accurate readings, strength, reliability and long term durability. It features a rotating po...(more)

    $234.99 More Details