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Search results for "Diagnostic - Weighing Scales"

  • Baseline BMI Scale

    Baseline BMI Scale
    The Baseline BMI Body Fat Scale manufactured by Fabrication offers quick and efficient measurement of weight, water percentage and body weight percentage. This ...(more)

    $36.99 More Details
  • Pediatric Digital Scale

    Pediatric Digital Scale
    The Health O Meter Pediatric Digital Infant Scale is an ideal choice for pediatric offices, hospitals and infant home care. This extremely portable digital infa...(more)

    $214.99 More Details
  • Mechanical Floor Scale

    Mechanical Floor Scale
    The Seca Mechanical Flat Scale with Big Round Dial is a high precision scale designed for medical home health and dialysis professionals. It allows for quick we...(more)

    $263.99 More Details
  • Digital Waist High Scale

    Digital Waist High Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Digital Physician Waist-High Scale features high weighing capacity, large base and user friendly interface. The scale uses sophisticated micr...(more)

    $603.99 More Details
  • Pro Raised Dial Scale

    Pro Raised Dial Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Pro Raised Dial Scale is a mechanically operated scale and helps to monitor body weight accurately. Its heavy duty steel base with non-slip t...(more)

    $106.99 More Details
  • Dial Scale

    Dial Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Dial Scale combines economy with accuracy. It features steel base, non-slip mat on the platform and an easy-to-read dial....(more)

    $20.99 More Details
  • Digital 2-Piece Platform Scale

    Digital 2-Piece Platform Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Digital 2-Piece Platform Scale with Remote Display is a professional home care two-piece digital scale with remote display. The heavy duty st...(more)

    $297.99 More Details
  • Digital Physician Scale

    Digital Physician Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Digital Physician Scale measures weight in 0.2 lb /0.1 kg increments with easy-to-read, 1 inch high LCD display. It uses microprocessing tech...(more)

    $456.99 More Details
  • Mechanical Floor Scale

    Mechanical Floor Scale
    The Seca Mechanical Floor Scale is a precise, classic design with a large, clear and well-defined dial. It features a circular display, a stable, powder-coated ...(more)

    $207.99 More Details