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Opening a Medicare Home-Health Agency in Texas? Think Again

Elevated fraud and abuse concerns in six states led Medicare to extend an enrollment prohibition for new home-health agencies and nonemergency ambulance providers....

States Could Change Obamacare

States may soon get more leeway to make changes to Obamacare that could affect the comprehensiveness of coverage....

Medicareís on the Hunt for a Health IT Expert

If youíre an expert on health information technology strategy, Medicare may have the perfect job for you....

Overlap Between Gender Reassignment Surgery and Cancer

Itís not intuitive, but thereís a big overlap between gender reassignment surgery and cancer surgery....

Acetris Trade Agreement Interpretation Win a Boon for Generics

Generic drugmakers with U.S. manufacturing facilities could see increased government contracting opportunities after a recent decision from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims....

Trade Secrets Litigation Increasing In Digital Age

Trade secrets claims are an increasingly common avenue companies are using to safeguard their intellectual property rights....

Search results for "Diagnostic - Weighing Scales"

  • Baseline BMI Scale

    Baseline BMI Scale
    The Baseline BMI Body Fat Scale manufactured by Fabrication offers quick and efficient measurement of weight, water percentage and body weight percentage. This ...(more)

    $36.99 More Details
  • Pediatric Digital Scale

    Pediatric Digital Scale
    The Health O Meter Pediatric Digital Infant Scale is an ideal choice for pediatric offices, hospitals and infant home care. This extremely portable digital infa...(more)

    $214.99 More Details
  • Mechanical Floor Scale

    Mechanical Floor Scale
    The Seca Mechanical Flat Scale with Big Round Dial is a high precision scale designed for medical home health and dialysis professionals. It allows for quick we...(more)

    $263.99 More Details
  • Digital Waist High Scale

    Digital Waist High Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Digital Physician Waist-High Scale features high weighing capacity, large base and user friendly interface. The scale uses sophisticated micr...(more)

    $603.99 More Details
  • Pro Raised Dial Scale

    Pro Raised Dial Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Pro Raised Dial Scale is a mechanically operated scale and helps to monitor body weight accurately. Its heavy duty steel base with non-slip t...(more)

    $106.99 More Details
  • Dial Scale

    Dial Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Dial Scale combines economy with accuracy. It features steel base, non-slip mat on the platform and an easy-to-read dial....(more)

    $20.99 More Details
  • Digital 2-Piece Platform Scale

    Digital 2-Piece Platform Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Digital 2-Piece Platform Scale with Remote Display is a professional home care two-piece digital scale with remote display. The heavy duty st...(more)

    $297.99 More Details
  • Digital Physician Scale

    Digital Physician Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Digital Physician Scale measures weight in 0.2 lb /0.1 kg increments with easy-to-read, 1 inch high LCD display. It uses microprocessing tech...(more)

    $456.99 More Details
  • Mechanical Floor Scale

    Mechanical Floor Scale
    The Seca Mechanical Floor Scale is a precise, classic design with a large, clear and well-defined dial. It features a circular display, a stable, powder-coated ...(more)

    $207.99 More Details