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Targeting Mental Illness Wonít Stop Gun Violence, Providers Say

Politicians are missing the mark when they blame mental illness for gun violence, mental health-care providers and gun violence experts told me recently....

Sun Pharma Gets Good News From FDA on Coreg CR Generic

Sun Pharmaceuticals can hold on to its six months of market exclusivity for a generic version of GlaxoSmithKlines beta blocker Coreg CR....

States Preparing to Create Their Own Obamacare Mandates

Republicans eliminated the unpopular Obamacare individual mandate penalty for not having health insurance, but some states are preparing their own individual mandate....

Is Your Fitbit Data Safe?

Health-care wearables are everywhere these days, from Fitbit trackers to Apple Watches to even mobile EKGs. And they are drawing more attention from cybercriminals....

States Looking for Health Plan Savings Under Trump Rule

Look for states to take more action to find ways to get Obamacare health plan costs down now that the Trump administration has issued a rule encouraging them to.The Health and Human Services......

The Reality of Trumpís Work Requirement Order

The White Houseís most recent move to add work requirements to welfare programs may do little to alter Medicaid....

Search results for "Diagnostic - Weighing Scales"

  • Dial Scale

    Dial Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Dial Scale combines economy with accuracy. It features steel base, non-slip mat on the platform and an easy-to-read dial....(more)

    $20.99 More Details
  • Baseline BMI Scale

    Baseline BMI Scale
    The Baseline BMI Body Fat Scale manufactured by Fabrication offers quick and efficient measurement of weight, water percentage and body weight percentage. This ...(more)

    $36.99 More Details
  • Digital Floor Scale - 397 lbs

    Digital Floor Scale - 397 lbs
    The Health-o-Meter Low Profile Digital Floor Scale comes with large metal base and stable, plastic platform. It calculates and displays weighs in pounds and kil...(more)

    $54.99 More Details
  • Mechanical Floor Scale

    Mechanical Floor Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Large Dial Mechanical Scale features 6.5 inch easy-to-read dial, durable steel base, oversized platform and non-slip mat. This scale calculat...(more)

    $60.99 More Details
  • Digital Floor Scale - 440 lbs

    Digital Floor Scale - 440 lbs
    The Health-o-Meter High Capacity Digital Floor Scale has an easy-to-clean plastic platform with a heavy-duty metal base inside. This comes with an extra-large d...(more)

    $93.99 More Details
  • Pro Raised Dial Scale

    Pro Raised Dial Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Pro Raised Dial Scale is a mechanically operated scale and helps to monitor body weight accurately. Its heavy duty steel base with non-slip t...(more)

    $106.99 More Details
  • Mechanical Floor Scale

    Mechanical Floor Scale
    The Seca Mechanical Floor Scale is a precise, classic design with a large, clear and well-defined dial. It features a circular display, a stable, powder-coated ...(more)

    $207.99 More Details
  • Pediatric Digital Scale

    Pediatric Digital Scale
    The Health O Meter Pediatric Digital Infant Scale is an ideal choice for pediatric offices, hospitals and infant home care. This extremely portable digital infa...(more)

    $214.99 More Details
  • Physician Beam Scale

    Physician Beam Scale
    The Health-o-Meter Physician Beam Scale provides factory calibrated accurate readings, strength, reliability and long term durability. It features a rotating po...(more)

    $234.99 More Details