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How to Get Ahead of Mobile Device Security Risks in 2019

Healthcare data breach news dominated headlines again in 2018. A November 2018 Data Breach report posted by the HIPAA Journal cites a massive increase in exposed protected health information (PHI). During the month of November, more than 3 million records were exposed, stolen or accessed without permission. The report states the number of records exposed ... Read More...

8 Use Cases for Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology in Healthcare

A look at natural language processing (NLP) technology’s top potential use cases reveals how its destined to disrupt healthcare. It’s no secret that the big data wave had been building in healthcare for some time. What has somewhat remained a bit mysterious, however, is how innovators planned to stave the flood and make use of ... Read More...

LunaPBC Partners With Genetic Alliance to Drive Medical Discovery

LunaPBC, the founder of LunaDNA, the first community-owned genomic and health data platform, today announced a partnership with Genetic Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to providing ordinary people with powerful tools to transform research.  Through the partnership, LunaDNA’s members will gain access to powerful new tools and resources to support health management, while maximizing research opportunities ... Read More...

Veta Health Acquires License for 2 Boston Children’s Hospital Homegrown Solutions

Veta Health, the digital health management platform that offers care pathways for ambulatory care management, today announced a strategic alliance with Boston Children’s Hospital, whereby it has acquired the license to two homegrown technology solutions, TriVox Health and HelpSteps. The acquisition of licenses to these platforms, which have been deployed in over ten clinics and ... Read More...

How Improving Primary Care Can Drive Innovation in Care Delivery

Despite having some of the most advanced healthcare tools and highly-trained practitioners, the United States has one of the least efficient healthcare systems of all developed countries. Over the years, I have come to realize that it’s not the development of devices or the medical prowess that makes the difference: it is the delivery of ... Read More...

Facing the Revenue Cycle’s Biggest Challenges in 2019

Hospital revenue cycle departments have gained greater visibility in recent years as a significant driver of revenue streams. Yet many of these departments continue to face serious challenges in several areas, including workforce, interoperability, and EHR optimization. Taking revenue cycle management to the next level by harnessing technology and data analytics can help hospitals and ... Read More...

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