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Patient Care Category

Around the House

Around the House > Caregiver Books and Videos

Around the House > Handwriting Aids

Around the House > Magnification Aids

Around the House > Medication Reminders

Around the House > Other Assistive Aids

Around the House > Over Couch, Chair and Bed Tables

Canes & Accessories

Chemotherapy Aids

Condition > Alzheimers & Dementia > Games & Activity Aids for Alzheimers &

Condition > Stroke > Mobility Aids

Core & Balance

Crutches & Accessories



Enteral Feeding

Exercise Accessories

Featured Products

For Your Comfort

For Your Comfort > Bed Positioning Aids

For Your Comfort > Bruder ProtoCold Wraps & Pads

For Your Comfort > Elast

For Your Comfort > Microwavable Moist Heat Wraps

For Your Comfort > Pillows

For Your Comfort > Seat Cushions & Mattress Overlays

For Your Comfort > Seat Cushions & Mattress Overlays > Action AKTON Polymer

For Your Comfort > Seat Cushions & Mattress Overlays > Synergel Products

For Your Comfort > Skin Care Products

For Your Comfort > Soft Comfort Hot & Cold Pads

For Your Comfort > Wheelchair Positioning Aids

Gadgets for Independent Living

Garden Tools

Getting Ready

Getting Ready > Bath & Shower Chairs

Getting Ready > Bathing Aids

Getting Ready > Bathing Aids > No Rinse Personal Care Products

Getting Ready > Bathroom Utensil Holders

Getting Ready > Dressing Aids

Getting Ready > Grab Bars

Getting Ready > Grooming and Hygiene Aids

Getting Ready > Toileting Aids

Home Care & Hospital Beds

Hospital Supplies

In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen > Adapted Eating Utensils

In the Kitchen > Adapted Eating Utensils > Good Grips Coated Spoons

In the Kitchen > Bibs & Clothing Protectors

In the Kitchen > Cups, Mugs & Straws

In the Kitchen > Drink & Cup Holders

In the Kitchen > Eating Utensil Holders

In the Kitchen > Non Skid Dinnerware Dishes

In the Kitchen > Non Skid Dinnerware Dishes > Tenura Non Slip Silicone Mats

In the Kitchen > OverBed Tables

In the Kitchen > Plates, Plate Guards & Bowls

In the Kitchen > Weighted Utensils

Infection Control

IV Infusion

Lower Body Fitness


Medical Furniture

Medical Treatment Tables


On The Move

On the Move > Car Transfer Assists

On the Move > Crutch Accessories

On the Move > Patient Transfer Aids

On the Move > Personal Alarm and Pager

On the Move > Scooter Accessories

On the Move > Sitting, Standing Aids

On the Move > Walker Accessories

On the Move > Wheelchair Accessories

On the Move > Wheelchair Accessories > Attachable Storage

On the Move > Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps

Patient Care Supplies

Patient Safety

Patient Transfer Aids

Personal Care

Rollator Accessories

Safety Alarms

Scooter Accessories

Scooter Accessories > Scooter Packs & Bags

Sitting, Standing and Transfer Aids

Sitting, Standing and Transfer Aids > Car Transfer Aids

Sitting, Standing and Transfer Aids > Gait and Transfer Belts

Sitting, Standing and Transfer Aids > Leg Lifters

Surgical Aids

Upper Body Fitness

Walkers & Accessories

Walkers & Accessories > Walker Balls, Slides & Glides

Walkers & Accessories > Walker Trays, Bags & Totes

Water Exercise

Web Specials

Web Specials > Coupons, Overstock and Sale items.

Web Specials > Coupons, Overstock, and Sale Items

Web Specials > Discontinued Items

Wheelchairs & Accessories

Wheelchairs & Accessories > Aquatic Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs & Accessories > Wheelchair Cup Holders

Wheelchairs & Accessories > Wheelchair Packs, Bags & Totes

Wheelchairs & Accessories > Wheelchair Positioning Accessories

Wheelchairs & Accessories > Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchairs & Accessories > Wheelchair Seat Cushions

Wheelchairs & Accessories > Wheelchair Trays