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Opening a Medicare Home-Health Agency in Texas? Think Again

Elevated fraud and abuse concerns in six states led Medicare to extend an enrollment prohibition for new home-health agencies and nonemergency ambulance providers....

States Could Change Obamacare

States may soon get more leeway to make changes to Obamacare that could affect the comprehensiveness of coverage....

Medicare’s on the Hunt for a Health IT Expert

If you’re an expert on health information technology strategy, Medicare may have the perfect job for you....

Overlap Between Gender Reassignment Surgery and Cancer

It’s not intuitive, but there’s a big overlap between gender reassignment surgery and cancer surgery....

Acetris Trade Agreement Interpretation Win a Boon for Generics

Generic drugmakers with U.S. manufacturing facilities could see increased government contracting opportunities after a recent decision from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims....

Trade Secrets Litigation Increasing In Digital Age

Trade secrets claims are an increasingly common avenue companies are using to safeguard their intellectual property rights....

Follicle Stimulating Hormone Urine Test -  - Diagnostic sku

Follicle Stimulating Hormone Urine Test - by Diagnostic Test Group

Item description: This Diagnostic Test Kits product is by Diagnostic Test Group - The Diagnostic Test Group FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Urine Test is easy to use, fast and simple. This utilizes a monoclonal antibody and gives 99% accurate results.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Diagnostic Test Group

Medical Supply Depot

Store: worldwide source for Medical Supplies and everything needed for pain management, respiratory care, skin care, and more. Since its creation, Medical Supply Depot has built its reputation on honesty, integrity, fair pricing, and superb customer service. Our mission is to offer the biggest selection of brand-name medical supplies at deep discounts, and to deliver them to our customers as quickly as possible. From incontinence supplies to bathroom safety to diagnostic tools to mobility aids, Medical Supply Depot makes it easy and affordable to get the right items – from the comfort of your home.

Category: Test Kits


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