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Pedi-GEL Corn Cushions, OSFM, Pack of 12 - P8206 - Patient Care sku

Pedi-GEL Corn Cushions, OSFM, Pack of 12 - P8206 by IRemedyHealthcare

Item description: This Patient Care Personal Care product is by IRemedyHealthcare - Pedi-GEL Corn Cushions help relieve painful corns. These soft pads feature a G«ˇrelief spotG«÷ to protect corns from shoe pressure and stop friction. They can be worn directly on skin or inside shoes. Self-adhesive backing keeps them in place. Non-medicated. Safe for sensitive skin. 12 per pack.... Learn More

Manufacturer: IRemedyHealthcare

Store: healthcare products supply company offering high quality products at the lowest price.

Category: Personal Care


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