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Tubular Foam Toe Bandages, Small, Pack of 3 - P337-S - Patient Care sku

Tubular Foam Toe Bandages, Small, Pack of 3 - P337-S by IRemedyHealthcare

Item description: This Patient Care Personal Care product is by IRemedyHealthcare - Soft foam tubes absorb pressure and friction to cushion and separate toes that rub. Relieve corns, ingrown nails and other irritations. Fit comfortably in most footwear. Scissor trimmable for a custom fit. Each package contains three 3-inch long bandages. Mix contains 1 S, 1 M, 1 L. Small, Medium & Large contain 3 per pack.... Learn More

Manufacturer: IRemedyHealthcare

Store: healthcare products supply company offering high quality products at the lowest price.

Category: Personal Care


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