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Darco Body Armor Cast Shoe, Large - ODSBACS3 - Patient Care sku

Darco Body Armor Cast Shoe, Large - ODSBACS3 by IRemedyHealthcare

Item description: This Patient Care Personal Care product is by IRemedyHealthcare - The Darco Body Armor Cast Shoe is the ultimate cast protection. Rugged, sleek and modern the Body Armor Cast Shoe is specifically designed to shield the cast from moisture, shock and everyday wear. Features: Soft but durable EVA provides shock absorption while protecting the cast from the elements. Unique bungee closure system is easy to use, easy to adjust and prevents the heel from slipping out of the cast shoe. Closed toe design acts to comfortably protect the toes from the environment. The low profile, modern design will appeal to all patients. The Body Armor Cast shoeG«÷s style sets it apart. All the protection of a cast boot in a comfortable shoe design.... Learn More

Manufacturer: IRemedyHealthcare

Store: healthcare products supply company offering high quality products at the lowest price.

Category: Personal Care


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