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CVS to Offer Nationwide Home Delivery of Prescription Drugs

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The Sequoia Project Updates Patient Matching Framework

Improving data integrity, standardizing electronic health record (EHR) practices, and enhancing workflows will reduce the number and severity of patient matching issues, according to a recently released white paper from... read more...

Google Pursues AI, Voice Recognition for EHR Workflows

Google is recruiting talent to help develop artificial intelligence and voice recognition tools to improve the clinical documentation process and streamline EHR workflows, according to a report by CNBC. The... read more...

Apple Explores Medical Data with Health Records API, Patents

Apple is quickly working to position itself as a leader in the race between consumer technology giants looking to harness the nearly-untapped power of medical data.  With players such as... read more...

ITA-MED Offset Aluminum Cane With Wrist Strap,Chrome,Each,CQ-100 - ITACQ-100-C - Mobility sku

ITA-MED Offset Aluminum Cane With Wrist Strap,Chrome,Each,CQ-100 - ITACQ-100-C by ITA-MED CO.

Item description: This Mobility Mobility Aids product is by ITA-MED CO. - ITA-MED Offset Aluminum Cane With Wrist Strap is ideal for people with walking problems, injuries, mobility problems, post-surgery or weakness. It is manufactured with sturdy one inch diameter anodized extruded aluminum tubing.... Learn More

Manufacturer: ITA-MED CO.

Category: Mobility Aids


See the Price of ITA-MED Offset Aluminum Cane With Wrist Strap,Chrome,Each,CQ-100

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  Maxar Elastic Knee Brace With Doughnut-Shaped Silicone Ring and Metal Spiral Stays,2X-Large,Each,EKN-401
Maxar Elastic Knee Brace features a doughnut-shaped silicone ring which fits over the knee for increased stability and better compression. Designed with two spiral metal stays to provide better support and help control lateral movements. Ideal for those who require an even higher level of lateral support but dont wish to sacrifice flexibility. Highly recommended by doctors for rehabilitation after knee injuries and surgeries. ...See The Price
  ITA-MED Deluxe EMS Electrotherapy Dual Channel,EMS Unit,Each,EMS-1300
ITA-MED Deluxe EMS (Electrical ) Electrotherapy Dual Channel provides efficient way of treating injuries by the transmission of electronic pulses and digital technology with accurate output of signals. It has dual isolated channels with two leads per channel. ...See The Price