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Judge's Obamacare ruling creates long-term uncertainty

A federal judges ruling invalidating the Affordable Care Act has yet again plunged the industry into an era of uncertainty. But industry groups arent yet focused on long-term contingency plans as they hope an appeal will save the law....

Week Ahead: CHI-Dignity set to become one

As the year comes to a close, CHI-Dignity are poised to create a mega health system. Meanwhile, in D.C., budget drama unfolds like a reality T.V. show....

When tax forms don't tell the whole story of community benefits

Safety-net hospitals, like Mount Sinai on Chicagos West Side, often provide a broad array of community benefit programs that arent adequately captured by the current tax reporting framework....

Q&A: Keck Medicine's Jackiewicz talks expansion, embracing bundled payments

Keck Medicine of USC CEO Thomas Jackiewicz is positioning the organization to take on bundled payments, as well as to acquire new hospitals....

Commentary: It's time for a 21st century Hill-Burton plan, not to build hospitals but to re-invent healthcare

Healthcare leaders know that the world is changing, and that they should refocus and become a force for health creation and preservation in their communities. But they need incentives to make the change....

Insurers want to lead if CMS pilots payments for housing, social determinants of health

Insurance industry officials want the CMS to give them a leading role in any pilot progams allowing the feds to pay for housing and similar social needs of patients....

ITA-MED Single Crank Semi Electric Hospital Bed With Two Motors,Semi Electric Hospital Bed,Each,AB-2903 - ITAAB-2903 - Patient Care sku

ITA-MED Single Crank Semi Electric Hospital Bed With Two Motors,Semi Electric Hospital Bed,Each,AB-2903 - ITAAB-2903 by ITA-MED CO.

Item description: This Patient Care Home Care & Hospital Beds product is by ITA-MED CO. - ITA-MED Single Crank Semi Electric Hospital Bed With Two Motors offers effortless positioning of the upper body and knee. Designed for easy setup, this bed is equipped with a durable reinforced steel frame, high impact composite panels, reinforced springs and emergency hand cranks in case of electrical failure. Ergonomic hand pendant comes standard with clip that allows it to be mounted over bed rail, with heavy-duty cord and large easy-to-use controls.... Learn More

Manufacturer: ITA-MED CO.

Category: Home Care & Hospital Beds


See the Price of ITA-MED Single Crank Semi Electric Hospital Bed With Two Motors,Semi Electric Hospital Bed,Each,AB-2903

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