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Radiology finds clinical decision support in AI-based tool

Radiologists are overworked, interpreting new images every few seconds to keep up with increasing numbers of CT and MRI scans. As is the trend these days, some are turning to digital tools backed by artificial intelligence to help ease the pain....

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The AMA and RAND Corp. release findings from a study assessing how physicians view new pay models. Also this week, earnings season continues....

Student agency crafts ride-share campaign for American Cancer Society

A new public service campaign created by University of Southern California undergrads for the American Cancer Society aims to help recruit volunteers for the Road to Recovery ride-sharing service to ferry patients to treatment....

Q&A: MetroHealth's Tracy Carter's fight to save Medicaid coverage

For Tracy Carter, vice president of government relations at Cleveland-based MetroHealth System, protecting Medicaid is intertwined with the public health systems overall mission. In recent budget battles, her team fought off cuts that would have......

Primary-care companies cut costs through preventive models

These companies population health-style efforts are being emulated by hospital systems, but progress has been slow and spotty....

Healthcare leaders implored to look inward ?to fix ailing system

Executives find themselves at the crossroads on virtually every critical issue facing the industry. From adapting to new payment models to embracing a consumer-centric mindset, theres no shortage of what do we do now moments....

ITA-MED Single Crank Semi Electric Hospital Bed With Two Motors,Semi Electric Hospital Bed,Each,AB-2903 - ITAAB-2903 - Patient Care sku

ITA-MED Single Crank Semi Electric Hospital Bed With Two Motors,Semi Electric Hospital Bed,Each,AB-2903 - ITAAB-2903 by ITA-MED CO.

Item description: This Patient Care Home Care & Hospital Beds product is by ITA-MED CO. - ITA-MED Single Crank Semi Electric Hospital Bed With Two Motors offers effortless positioning of the upper body and knee. Designed for easy setup, this bed is equipped with a durable reinforced steel frame, high impact composite panels, reinforced springs and emergency hand cranks in case of electrical failure. Ergonomic hand pendant comes standard with clip that allows it to be mounted over bed rail, with heavy-duty cord and large easy-to-use controls.... Learn More

Manufacturer: ITA-MED CO.

Category: Home Care & Hospital Beds


See the Price of ITA-MED Single Crank Semi Electric Hospital Bed With Two Motors,Semi Electric Hospital Bed,Each,AB-2903

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