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Editorial: Discriminating against pre-existing conditions will hurt patients and providers

Despite numerous promises to protect such patients, the president now proposes returning to the not-too-distant past when people with cancer, diabetes and chronic heart conditions could only buy healthcare coverage at exorbitant rates—if they......

Surge in private equity deals causes some alarm

Some industry stakeholders fear that as private equity firms gobble up more and more healthcare companies, patients will lose out on choice, prices could creep higher and price transparency could decrease if public companies are taken private....

10 highlights from the AMA's annual House of Delegates meeting

The American Medical Associations House of Delegates this year took big steps toward addressing gun violence and the opioid epidemic. But other issues, such as sexual misconduct by doctors, made less progress....

Week Ahead: Putting the spotlight on CVS-Aetna deal

Stakeholders from all sides of the CVS Health-Aetna deal will get a chance to speak their minds during a hearing before California regulators....

Two Beaumont docs move into podcasting

Two doctors from Beaumont Health are teaming up to host a podcast to offer healthcare information....

Neurosurgeons lean in to learn Michael Jackson's secret move

Michael Jacksons music video dance moves are as iconic as they are impressive. One particularly famous move has apparently long fascinated three neurosurgeons in Chandigarh, India—Jacksons mind-boggling 45-degree lean in the Smooth......

Invacare IV Transfer Set,Transfer Set,100/Pack,SES116 - ISGSES116 - Patient Care sku

Invacare IV Transfer Set,Transfer Set,100/Pack,SES116 - ISGSES116 by INVACARE SUPPLY GROUP

Item description: This Patient Care IV Infusion product is by INVACARE SUPPLY GROUP - Invacare IV Transfer Set includes spike, pinch clamp and two-way valve.... Learn More


Category: IV Infusion


See the Price of Invacare IV Transfer Set,Transfer Set,100/Pack,SES116

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