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Understanding Price Growth in the Market for Targeted Oncology Therapies

Why is the cost of cancer treatments growing so much in recent years A new paper in the American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) by my at Precision Health Economics colleague Jesse Sussell and co-authors (2019) has an explanation using data between 1997 and 2015 on cancer prices and the size of each treatment’s indicated…...

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Transparency in Value-Based Healthcare Decision Modeling. The HPV Vaccine Is A Cancer Vaccine, Not A Sex Vaccine Is medical marijuana substitute for opioid use How safe is sunscreen Should graduate students form unions...

What is a patient-informed societal perspective CEA model?

Entities such as the Panel on Cost Effectiveness in Health and Medicine have argued that we should include the societal perspective when measuring the value of a certain treatment through cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA). However, societal perspective is not always the one used. Further, even when the societal perspective is taken, this is often limited to…...

Part D Fun Facts

Some fun facts from Kaiser Family Foundation about Medicare Part D, which covers prescription drugs. Enrollment has doubled since Part D’s inception in 2019. Enrollment in managed care drug plans (i.e., Medicare Advantage Part D Plans [MA-PD]) has continued to grow, but enrollment in stand alone Part D Plans [PDP] has leveled off or decreased.…...

What is MCDA and why do we need it?

Value measurement using cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) is one of the core stables of health economic research.  CEA often uses quality adjusted life years (QALYs) to capture how a treatment affects a patients mortality and morbidity.  CEA makes explicit assumptions about the tradeoffs between mortality and morbidity by assuming these are additive.  Further, this approach, however,…...

What makes humans smarter than apes?

The answer is not raw brain processing power, but rather it is our ability to learn from others. At least that is the argument from Joseph Henrich’s book The Secret of our Success. Slate Star Codex has an excellent book review. Consider the following graph comparing human, chimpanzee and orangutan intelligence. Another interesting quotation from…...

OHCO Cold Snap Capsules,120 Capsules,Each,206795 - 206795 - Respiratory sku

OHCO Cold Snap Capsules,120 Capsules,Each,206795 - 206795 by ORIENTAL HERB COMPANY

Item description: This Respiratory Allergy Prevention and Relief product is by ORIENTAL HERB COMPANY - OHCO Cold Snap Capsules are weather phenomenon producing a sudden change in , and an important time to strengthen the bodys good design.... Learn More


Category: Allergy Prevention and Relief


See the Price of OHCO Cold Snap Capsules,120 Capsules,Each,206795

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McKesson Non-Sterile Cotton Unna Boot With Calamine has been evenly impregnated with a non-hardening paste of oxide and calamine to provide venous ulcer compression therapy. It stays moist to encourage healing. It contains no s. It is unique with easy-to-open, vacuum seal pouch. It is for single use and not made with natural rubber latex. ...See The Price
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