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Future of Alzheimer's therapy: What is the best approach?

A new comprehensive review assesses current clinical trials for Alzheimers drugs and advises on the best therapeutic approach going forward....

A new blood test could help diagnose Alzheimer's

New research focuses on an accurate blood test for Alzheimers disease. If scientists replicate the studys promising results, it may be a breakthrough....

Dementia: Gene study boosts search for treatment

Using an innovative analytical approach, researchers pinpointed genes that play an important role in the protein buildup associated with dementia....

Gun ownership and dementia: A growing concern

As the older population of the United States grows, the prevalence of dementia also rises. A new paper discusses dementia and gun ownership....

Lung disease may increase dementia risk

New research uncovers another potential risk factor for dementia and, more generally, for cognitive impairment, namely having a lung disease in midlife....

Alzheimer's may soon be treated with HIV drugs

For the first time, scientists show how the gene that produces brain toxicity in Alzheimers is recombined using the same enzyme found in HIV....

Flopper Stopper Head Helper - 19052 - Special Needs sku

Flopper Stopper Head Helper - 19052 by MISC MANU

Item description: This Special Needs Assistive Technology product is by MISC MANU - Flopper Stopper Head Helper helps the head at that point where gravity pulls the head down. Its very cool and almost instant. You can simulate this gravity point just by loosening your neck , push your chin to your chest, and then all the way back.... Learn More

Manufacturer: MISC MANU

Category: Assistive Technology


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