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Dapple Mango And Melon Dish And Bottle ,Mango And Melon,16.9 oz,Each,186359-6 - 186359-6 - Patient Care sku

Dapple Mango And Melon Dish And Bottle ,Mango And Melon,16.9 oz,Each,186359-6 - 186359-6 by DAPPLE

Item description: This Patient Care Infection Control product is by DAPPLE - Dapple Mango And Melon Dish And Bottle cleans up bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers and breast pump components in a jiffy and while taking care of the environment, too. It uses technology that removes milk residues, while eliminating all sorts of odor using baking soda. The is made of natural ingredients. Made without parabens and is a mango and melon scented formula.... Learn More

Manufacturer: DAPPLE

Category: Infection Control


See the Price of Dapple Mango And Melon Dish And Bottle ,Mango And Melon,16.9 oz,Each,186359-6

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