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How easy is it for ICER to predict budget impact?

The answer–according to a recent study by Thornton Snider et al. (2019)–is not that easy. Using case studies of ICER report’s predictions of unmanaged uptake of new medications before 2016, the paper estimates how well these reports predict price, uptake, and overall spending. The authors find: ICER’s uptake estimates exceeded real-world estimates by factors ranging…...

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Thoughts on IPI. Thoughts on suicide. Where is California workers’ comp headed What’s next for FDA Vitale: Just pay the players....

How long will you wait for cancer treatment in the UK?

How long does it take to get treated for cancer in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) How long does it take for ambulances to arrive What about wait times at ED visits An article in The Independent answers these questions with statistics from NHS itself. The answer to the above questions, about 1…...

HHS recommendations to reform the health care system

HHS has a policy paper titled “Reforming America’s Healthcare System Through Choice and Competition“. In the paper, HHS describes four broad areas of reform. I describe each in term, some of the key policy recommendation under each of the four headings, and my thoughts on each reform. Here goes: Health care workforce and labor markets.…...

Medicaid expansion and prescription drug use

How did Medicaid expansion affect prescription drug use At first glance, one would think that prescriptions increased; more insurance lowers patient out-of-pocket cost so we would expect more prescriptions. Medicaid insurance may crowd out other forms of insurance; if those other forms of insurance covered more drugs, then perhaps utilization would go down. A study…...

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Does more hospital competition help or hurt patient health Is The Matrix real Economists at Amazon. Apple Watch pulse warnings “fairly accurate” Medicare for all = impossible dream...

Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Sterile Saline Neti Spray,4.2 Fl. Oz.,Each,177787-9 - 177787-9 - Respiratory sku

Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Sterile Saline Neti Spray,4.2 Fl. Oz.,Each,177787-9 - 177787-9 by HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE

Item description: This Respiratory Allergy Prevention and Relief product is by HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE - Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Sterile Saline Neti Spray is designed to naturally assist and facilitate easier and clearer breathing. It is isotonic, soothing, decongesting and refreshing.... Learn More


Category: Allergy Prevention and Relief


See the Price of Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Sterile Saline Neti Spray,4.2 Fl. Oz.,Each,177787-9

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