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‘Netflix’ pricing for drugs coming to the UK?

Louisiana has already begun adopting a “Netflix” pricing model to pay for Hepatitis C treatments. Rather than pay per treatment, Louisiana would pay a flat rate per month to access as many Hepatitis C treatments as they need. The benefit of this is (i) states have predictable budgets and (ii) manufacturers have predicable revenues. This…...


How accurate are RVUs Capturing the patient voice. Tools for physicians to find patient copays for drugs. New generic EpiPen hits the market. An honest man. Is Mechanical Turk trustworthy for surveys...

Experts debate Trump drug pricing policies

What will Trump’s “favored nation” policy do to drug prices and innovation How will 340B reforms affect the price hospitals charge for drugs Myself and my colleague Jim Baumgardner weigh in with our thoughts in an article in FormularyWatch. “US drug prices will certainly fall. However, prices outside the US will rise,” Jason Shafrin, PhD,…...

Academic Health Economists’ Blog Journal Round-Up

Today I put together the journal round-up for the Academic Health Economists’ blog, one of my favorite reads. I review three papers: Understanding price growth in the market for targeted oncology therapies. American Journal of Managed Care [PubMed] Published 14th June 2019 Do cancer treatments have option value Real-world evidence from metastatic melanoma. Health Economics [PubMed]…...

Why do pharmaceuticals cost so little to manufacture but cost so much?

A typical answer is that the cost of R&D is very high. However, an interesting book by–César Hidalgo titled Why Information Grows–offers a more conceptual rationale. Medicinal pills embody little information, as their active compound is usually a small and relative simple molecule. Yet medicinal pills can be extremely useful and valuable. Why To understand…...

Polio vaccination and mass hysteria

We are getting close to eradicating polio…but we are not there yet. That is why a recent article in this week’s Economist on polio vaccination in Pakistan is so troubling. Worried parents began arriving at hospitals in ones and twos, then dozens and soon hundreds. Each was convinced their child was sick, poisoned by polio…...

Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Sterile Saline Neti Spray,4.2 Fl. Oz.,Each,177787-9 - 177787-9 - Respiratory sku

Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Sterile Saline Neti Spray,4.2 Fl. Oz.,Each,177787-9 - 177787-9 by HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE

Item description: This Respiratory Allergy Prevention and Relief product is by HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE - Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Sterile Saline Neti Spray is designed to naturally assist and facilitate easier and clearer breathing. It is isotonic, soothing, decongesting and refreshing.... Learn More


Category: Allergy Prevention and Relief


See the Price of Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Sterile Saline Neti Spray,4.2 Fl. Oz.,Each,177787-9

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