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A lack of deep sleep could indicate Alzheimer's development

Sleep is vital to many aspects of well-being. A new study finds that older adults who are not getting enough quality sleep may be developing Alzheimers....

Exercise can help fight off Alzheimer's, but how?

Why does exercise have a protective effect on our memory A new study conducted primarily in mice identifies a major factor that determines this effect....

Alzheimer's: 9 new genetic risk factors found

The largest genetic study of Alzheimers to date finds nine entirely new genetic locations that contribute to the risk of developing the disease....

Nutrient in mother's diet may help fight Alzheimer's in offspring

Generations of mice descended from females whose diet was high in choline had fewer Alzheimers hallmarks in the brain and better memory function....

Candida infection can reach brain and impair memory

New research shows that the Candida albicans fungus may lead to brain inflammation and impair memory in mice. The results have implications for dementia....

What were the most intriguing medical studies of 2018?

As 2018 slowly but surely draws to a close, we give you an overview of some of the most read and thought-provoking medical research of this year....

Cardinal Gates Metal Backed Hearth Guard Pad - 17172 - Special Needs sku

Cardinal Gates Metal Backed Hearth Guard Pad - 17172 by CARDINAL GATES

Item description: This Special Needs Child Safety product is by CARDINAL GATES - Cardinal Gates Metal Backed Hearth Guard Pad provide fire-resistant, non-toxic, dense, impact absorbent padding to prevent injuries from falls against sharp corners and edges of hearths. The pad is adhered to a telescoping frame, which is adjustable for hearths 45 inches to 78 inches.... Learn More

Manufacturer: CARDINAL GATES

Category: Child Safety


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