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A simple type of daily meditation may alter the course of Alzheimer's

Simple mind-body practices altered potential cell aging and Alzheimers biomarkers. The changes linked directly to improved cognition and other functions....

Parkinson's disease: Scientists find new target to destroy protein clumps

In Parkinsons disease, toxic protein clumps accumulate in the brains motor region. A study shows how targeting an enzyme could prevent this....

How a key protein boosts memory, learning in the adult brain

New research reveals that a protein that helps make connections between neurons in the developing infant brain also strengthens them in the adult brain....

Alzheimer's: Artificial intelligence predicts onset

A deep learning algorithm trained to analyze brain scans accurately predicted who would develop Alzheimers more than 6 years before diagnosis....

How coffee protects the brain

New research reveals what gives coffee its protective properties for brain health, and why it can help keep Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease at bay....

Alzheimer's may be treated with diabetes drugs

New research suggests that targeting the brains capillary cells with antidiabetes drugs may relieve Alzheimers-related brain pathologies....

Cardinal Gates Auto-Lock Safety Gate - 16967 - Special Needs sku

Cardinal Gates Auto-Lock Safety Gate - 16967 by CARDINAL GATES

Item description: This Special Needs Child Safety product is by CARDINAL GATES - Cardinal Gates Auto-Lock Safety Gate is good for high traffic areas and features a patented latch that allows rapid pass through in either direction, simply pull and twist the latch to open and close, just swing the gate shut. This gate is constructed of aluminum, which is lighter weight than steel and rustproof.... Learn More

Manufacturer: CARDINAL GATES

Category: Child Safety


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