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Atul Gawande to Lead Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan Healthcare Company

Brigham and Women’s surgeon Dr. Atul Gawande will be leading Amazon’s most significant leap into the healthcare industry yet by becoming CEO of the partnership between the e-commerce giant, JPMorgan... read more...

Top 5 Collaborative Tasks for Population Management, Public Health

Promoting and maintaining population health has always required combined effort from public health offices, private healthcare entities, and social service organizations. Each sector plays its own distinct role in addressing... read more...

CVS to Offer Nationwide Home Delivery of Prescription Drugs

CVS Pharmacy is now offering speedy home delivery of prescription drugs across the nation as a way to improve medication adherence, boster population health, meet consumer expectations – and potentially... read more...

The Sequoia Project Updates Patient Matching Framework

Improving data integrity, standardizing electronic health record (EHR) practices, and enhancing workflows will reduce the number and severity of patient matching issues, according to a recently released white paper from... read more...

Google Pursues AI, Voice Recognition for EHR Workflows

Google is recruiting talent to help develop artificial intelligence and voice recognition tools to improve the clinical documentation process and streamline EHR workflows, according to a report by CNBC. The... read more...

Apple Explores Medical Data with Health Records API, Patents

Apple is quickly working to position itself as a leader in the race between consumer technology giants looking to harness the nearly-untapped power of medical data.  With players such as... read more...

Drive Wenzelite Trotter Mobility Rehab Stroller - 14544 - Mobility sku

Drive Wenzelite Trotter Mobility Rehab Stroller - 14544 by DRIVE MEDICAL

Item description: This Mobility Wheelchair product is by DRIVE MEDICAL - Drive Wenzelite Trotter Mobility Rehab Stroller has a lightweight folding frame with closure strap that holds the chair shut when folded. It has a sleek and attractive black fabric that is machine washable. The stroller has been crash tested for transit and also passed a dynamic crash test done with a 130-pound front-facing occupant tested at 30 mph. The seat is angle adjustable from 15 degrees and 22 degrees and the back is adjustable from 85 degrees, 90 degrees, and 95 degrees. The stroller has 8 front casters and 10 rear wheels with a lock that is able to be toggled. The seat has an adjustable seat depth which allows for more space when needed.... Learn More

Manufacturer: DRIVE MEDICAL

Category: Wheelchair


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Harmar AL690 Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift is designed to provide closer proximity and deliver a power chair or scooter right next to the driver or passengers door. This lift is fully automatic and operates using the standard remote hand control. It makes loading power chair and scooter into your vehicle easy, efficient and user friendly. The AL690 lifts and loads both wheelchairs and scooters securely into vans and most mini-vans.Harmar CalculatorLearn what vehicle lift will work for you ...See The Price