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Medicaid birthing model yields success for CMS

A federal initiative targeting pregnant Medicaid patients reduced medical costs for both mothers and their babies....

CMS needs a translator to demystify MACRA models

The CMS and physicians arent communicating well on whats required under MACRA. So the agency is looking for a contractor that can help....

Athenahealth sold to Veritas Capital for $5.7 billion

After a year of fielding several takeover attempts, the electronic health records vendor will be acquired by Veritas Capital and Evergreen Coast Capital....

Heart meeting features fish oil, vitamin D, cholesterol news

An American Heart Association conference over the weekend revealed a lot about what works and what does not for preventing heart attacks and other problems....

NYU to establish Long Island medical school at Winthrop

New York University plans to establish a medical school on the campus of NYU Winthrop in Mineola on Long Island, which will be focused on educating primary-care physicians....

Small businesses, hospitals eye workplace medical clinics

Hospitals are partnering with employers to staff workplace clinics to fend off competition from third-party vendors....

Humane Restraint One Piece Safety Belts - 10451 - Patient Care sku

Humane Restraint One Piece Safety Belts - 10451 by HUMANE RESTRAINT CO.

Item description: This Patient Care Patient Safety product is by HUMANE RESTRAINT CO. - Humane Restraints One Piece Safety Belts provide safety in situations such as a whelchair, bed, gurney or when used as gait belt. These varsatile, easy to clean belts are available in a variety of lengths for adjustability.... Learn More


Category: Patient Safety


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