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Economics of mental health

Pharmafile has an interesting article on the “Economics of Mental Health”.† The article has a number of interesting statistics: The cost: “Mental health issues have been estimated to cost the world economy $2.5 trillion each year. To put that into perspective, the United Kingdomís gross domestic product (GDP) was $2.6 trillion in 2017.” Costs extend…...

Do we need Hospital Compare if we have Yelp?

This is basically the question that Perez and Freedman (2018) ask.† They find the following: Among crowdsourcing sitesí best-ranked hospitals, 50Ė60% were also the best ranked on [Hospital Compare’s] HC’s overall and patient experience ratings; 20% ranked as the worst. Best-ranked hospitals had significantly better clinical quality scores than worst ranked hospitals, but were not…...

Decisions under ambiguity

In health care, decisions are always made with imperfect information.† How ambiguity affects stakeholder decisionmaking and in particular how ambiguity interacts with risk preferences to affect decisions is unknown.† A paper by Attema, Bleichrodt and L’Haridon (2018) aims to answer this question using a general ambiguity model.† They find that: For health gains, ambiguity preferences…...


Uber ambulences The impact of the sunshine act. Aging is not as bad as we think. Nurse complaint from 1898 that rings true today. Pre-existing conditions fact check....

Estimating the price elasticity of demand through value-based formulary designs

In 2010,†Premera Blue Cross (Premera), a large nonprofit health plan in the Pacific Northwest implemented a value-based formulary design for its beneficiaries.† †In essence, enrollees could purchase high-value treatments for low copayments and low-value treatments for higher copayments.† Can we use this change from more standard to value-base formulary designs to estimate the price elasticity…...

Medical innovation improves not just health but labor market outcomes

An interesting study from Garthwaite 2012 examines† the removal of Cox-2 inhibitors.† Rather than measuring the direct effect of Cox-2 inhibitors on quality of life or health status, Garthwaite examines how this removal affected labor market outcomes. Despite dramatic improvements in medical technology, little attention has been paid to the role of these innovations in…...

Quantum Elderberry Immune Defense Standardized Capsules,60 Capsules,Each,044182-4 - 044182-4 - Respiratory sku

Quantum Elderberry Immune Defense Standardized Capsules,60 Capsules,Each,044182-4 - 044182-4 by QUANTUM HEALTH

Item description: This Respiratory Allergy Prevention and Relief product is by QUANTUM HEALTH - Quantum Elderberry Immune Defense Standardized Capsules soothe, quiet, and provide the body with the it needs for immune support. These capsules are convenient, powerful and are standardized to guarantee 5 percent total riboflavin. Loaded with bioflavinoids and other key phytochemicals.... Learn More

Manufacturer: QUANTUM HEALTH

Category: Allergy Prevention and Relief


See the Price of Quantum Elderberry Immune Defense Standardized Capsules,60 Capsules,Each,044182-4

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