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Hylands Prid Drawing Salve,18 Grams,Each,015638-0 - 015638-0 - Wound Care sku

Hylands Prid Drawing Salve,18 Grams,Each,015638-0 - 015638-0 by HYLANDS

Item description: This Wound Care First Aid product is by HYLANDS - Hylands Prid Drawing Salve is an all natural approach to healing boils, blisters, and for helping raise splinters, thorns, and ingrown hairs out from under the skin. It is a traditional drawing salve, that both soothes and protect wounds of the skin.... Learn More

Manufacturer: HYLANDS

Category: First Aid


See the Price of Hylands Prid Drawing Salve,18 Grams,Each,015638-0

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