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Mapping human cellular biology. Single-letter gene editing. Bacterial infection diagnosis in mere hours. 3D-printed organs. A mobile ultrasound device that connects to your smartphone. Simple same-day health care. These are some of the bold, cutting-edge ideas from this year’s TEDMED Hive Innovators. In our final Speaker Spotlight of 2018, we’ll be featuring 6 companies that … Continue reading Exciting New Tech The post Exciting New Tech appeared first on TEDMED Blog. ...

There’s Hope in Our Mortality

Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. So when we tell you that several TEDMED 2018 Speakers have taught us how to find hope in places such as serious illness and end of life, you might be surprised. Despite the initial discomfort of discussing such difficult … Continue reading There’s Hope in Our Mortality The post There’s Hope in Our Mortality appeared first on TEDMED Blog. ...

A Culture of Health captured in fiction

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) works with organizations across the United States to build a healthy future where everyone has the opportunity to live their healthiest life possible. RWJF calls that vision: a Culture of Health. Each year, through our partnership with RWJF, TEDMED has been able to share with the TEDMED Community some … Continue reading A Culture of Health captured in fiction The post A Culture of Health captured in fiction appeared first on TEDMED Blog. ...

The Spread of Disease

It’s no secret that we humans are a pattern-seeking species, trying to organize the chaos that is our universe, our planet, and possibly our closets. This powerful ability allows us to make predictive models of all kinds, shapes, and sizes, unlocking the understanding of how things grow, survive, and deteriorate. This week we’ll be focusing … Continue reading The Spread of Disease The post The Spread of Disease appeared first on TEDMED Blog. ...

Communication Build Up and Break Down

The nervous system is the information highway of our bodies. So, what happens when there’s a traffic jam, or a rogue traveler refusing to go with the flow This week’s Speaker Spotlight will focus on those who are working to understand how this system works, and what happens when it doesn’t. Communication in the nervous … Continue reading Communication Build Up and Break Down The post Communication Build Up and Break Down appeared first on TEDMED Blog. ...

The World Around Us

Nature has arguably been the most consistent source of inspiration for the human imagination, sparking curiosity and wonder. It also inspires us to think about the digital environment that now exists, although not necessarily considered natural, it is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives and decisions. How can we use the environment, … Continue reading The World Around Us The post The World Around Us appeared first on TEDMED Blog. ...

VertaLoc Night Splint,Large,Each,00386-4396-L - 00386-4396-L - Rehab sku

VertaLoc Night Splint,Large,Each,00386-4396-L - 00386-4396-L by VERTALOC INC.

Item description: This Rehab Orthopedics product is by VERTALOC INC. - VertaLoc Night Splint is designed to accommodate plantar fasciitis or an ankle with plantar flexion contracture up to 45 degrees. It was designed to apply dorsiflexion force to the ankle by adjusting straps to the desired angle of support. It features easy to use foam padded straps that maintain comfort across the flexor tendons.... Learn More

Manufacturer: VERTALOC INC.

Category: Orthopedics


See the Price of VertaLoc Night Splint,Large,Each,00386-4396-L

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