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Sunday, 23rd November 2014

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LeptiSlim™ and Leptinal™: Breakthrough Formulas for Improved Thyroid and Leptin Function!
Added: 02/12/2004
Type: Summary
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LeptiSlim™ and Leptinal™: Breakthrough Formulas for Improved Thyroid and Leptin Function!

The much anticipated nutritional formulations to improve leptin communication with the brain and promote healthy weight loss have been released by cutting-edge nutrition company, Wellness Resources. LeptiSlim™ and Leptinal™ The Leptin Helper™ were formulated by Byron Richards, CCN, nationally acclaimed Clinical Nutritionist and author of Mastering Leptin. An expert in the area of leptin and it’s relation to weight and other health issues, Richards has combined superior nutrients that have proven to synergistically improve leptin function, improve thyroid function, and promote healthy weight loss.

LeptiSlim™ overcomes “hibernation metabolism,” the real reason individuals gain weight easily or can’t lose weight even when eating a moderate amount of food. New science proves that individuals stuck in hibernation metabolism and perpetual low-thyroid symptoms have serious problems with the hormone leptin. In essence, the hormone is not getting into the brain correctly, causing a person to overeat, crave sugar/carbohydrates, and/or not lose weight even on a moderate amount of calories. LeptiSlim™ cuts carbohydrate and sugar cravings, enhances insulin action, and improves leptin entry into the brain. It helps any person eat less and burn stored fat more efficiently. It is vital to any person who can’t lose weight, easily gains weight, has a history of yo-yo dieting, and is frustrated by an ongoing collection of low thyroid symptoms.

Leptinal™ The Leptin Helper™ is a weight loss super-booster designed to shrink fat cells and stop fat from blocking thyroid function. New scientific breakthroughs, as explained in the groundbreaking book Mastering Leptin, show that stress coming from fat cells actually turns off thyroid function as a prime cause of hypothyroidism.

Richards explains “Leptinal™ is the first product specifically designed to turn off the inflammation actually coming out of fat cells. It is now known that 30% of cells in white adipose tissue (stored fat) are immune cells that, in overweight people, are generating inflammatory messages that turn off the thyroid gland. This poses a serious metabolic catch 22, wherein the more pounds of fat a person has the less able they are to metabolize it. Leptinal™, in combination with the Five Rules for eating explained in the book Mastering Leptin, shrinks fat cells and turns off the inflammatory signals coming out of the fat cells. Consider this a therapeutic level of “stress management” for fat cells. By removing the stress coming from fat cells, thyroid hormone function is significantly improved.”

For more about leptin and to take the leptin quiz, visit:

More about the products can be found at:

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