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Thursday, 23rd October 2014

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Diet Supplement 9 A Day-Plus Donates Food to Malnourished Children
Added: 10/27/2005
Type: Summary
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Diet Supplement 9 A Day-Plus Donates Food to Malnourished Children

Food for Health International is working to promote individual health while helping malnourished children get the nutrition they need through their new daily packet of the diet supplement, 9 A Day-Plus.

Each daily packet of 9 A Day-Plus is a natural and vegetarian
diet supplement specifically designed to provide the body with the building blocks it needs to function at its most optimum level, improving energy and helping to fight disease. With every purchase of the diet supplement, nutrient-rich food will be donated to feed malnourished children.

Frank Davis, CEO of Food for Health International, has personally witnessed the devastating effects of malnourishment on children and felt compelled to make a difference. “One can’t witness first hand the plight of others, especially small children, without being moved to action. Those deprived of essential nutrients in their diet during their developmental years are marked for life, and the number of children suffering malnourishment every day is staggering—all in an age and day when it can be prevented,” said Davis.

Food for Health International will donate 30 servings of nutrient-rich food on the purchaser’s behalf to a charity to help fight malnutrition and feed hungry children for each individual purchase of a month’s supply of 9 A Day-Plus
diet supplement.

The 9 A Day-Plus diet supplement not only contains the equivalent of the recommended nine whole food servings of fruits and vegetables, but also:

• Important plant enzymes to optimize digestion
• Essential fatty acids for memory, healthy skin and hair
• Beneficial bacteria to improve immune function
• Whole food vitamins, a safer and less toxic alternative to the more widely used synthetic vitamins found in many over-the-counter
diet supplements
• The most absorbable amino acid chelated minerals available
• A potent blend of antioxidants to combat aging and decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease

To see research and articles documenting the benefits of each of the ingredients in the 9 A Day-Plus
diet supplement, or to order a month’s supply and begin to help malnourished children around the world, visit

About Food for Health International

Frank Davis had to personal goals in founding Food for Health International. One was to develop the most complete, comprehensive, and safest
diet supplement available as a means to help those who can help themselves attain optimal health through proper nutrition—hence 9 A Day-Plus. The other goal was to create an opportunity where he could enjoin the help of many in order to provide nourishing food to the starving and malnourished children of the world who cannot help themselves.

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