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The short, white coat no longer measures up for Johns Hopkins residents

After decades of the tradition, Johns Hopkins Hospital no longer requires first-year residents to wear a short white coat....

As families struggle to get behavioral health coverage, enforcement of parity laws lags

Providers, advocacy groups and some policymakers are pressing for stronger enforcement of mental health parity laws. But congressional Republicans and Democrats disagree about giving the federal government more enforcement power....

Family calls for state mental health parity law after daughter dies of overdose

Samantha Huntley had been struggling with heroin addiction for several years. After a month of residential treatment, Huntley and her counselor called her mother to say the familys insurer, UnitedHealthcare, would not extend inpatient coverage....

CEO Power Panel: Health systems find consumerism drives innovation

As consumer tech companies enter the healthcare market, health systems find that consumerism is driving innovation....

Nurses want to delete Zuckerberg name from San Francisco General Hospital

SEIU nurses in San Francisco want to delete the Zuckerberg name from Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital...

Editorial: Anchors away on tackling the social determinants of health

Social scientists know a lot about the root causes of so much of the ill-health in our society, yet healthcare systems have rarely acted on that knowledge. Thats finally starting to change....