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Walgreens to pay $269 million for overbilling government

National pharmacy giant Walgreens agreed to settle two allegations that it defrauded the federal government and 39 states in elaborate overbilling schemes....

Uninsured rate reaches highest point since 2014

The number of U.S. adults who do not have health insurance was higher in the fourth quarter of 2018 than it has been since the Affordable Care Act was implemented four years before, according to survey data from Gallup....

California's drug-pricing plan could pare down 340B program

Former California Gov. Jerry Brown wanted to pare back the 340B program in his state during his tenure, but hospitals defeated his proposal in the Legislature. Now an executive order from new Gov. Gavin Newsom could overhaul the program....

Trump vows to end balance billing

President Donald Trump threw his support behind curbing balance billing practices, saying his administration has stopped a lot of industry pricing tactics already....

Senate GOP leaders join coalition disputing organ allocation policy change

A 22-senator coalition has asked HHS Secretary Alex Azar to explain the departments role in a proposal to end the geography-based system for distributing organs for transplant. THe new policy has not gone into effect yet....

Hospital: 'Poor decisions' by staff giving outsize pain meds

Mount Carmel Health System has fired the intensive-care doctor who gave potentially fatal doses of pain medicine to at least 27 patients, reported its findings to the authorities and put six pharmacists and 14 nurses on paid leave pending further......