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Heritage Foundation, conservative policymakers unveil block grant health plan

The plan, backed by a coalition of policymakers including former Sen. Rick Santorum, largely mirrors last years failed Graham-Cassidy bill, and doesnt have a clear path to passage in Congress....

Commentary: Listening to LGBTQ patient voices

This month, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities around the nation are holding Pride observances to recognize hard-fought civil rights battles and to celebrate sexual diversity. While LGBTQ freedom, rights and acceptance have......

Healthcare provider organizations seek digital tools to improve the patient experience

Almost all healthcare organizations surveyed by EY are either in the process of adopting new technology or are planning on doing so in the next year....

Trump administration finalizes rule to expand association health plan access

The Trump administration unveiled its rule allowing more small businesses and self-employed workers to band together to buy insurance. The policy likely will weaken the individual health insurance market, experts said....

Ascension ramps up automation subsidiary

The largest Catholic health system in the country launched its subsidiary Agilify, which looks to replace labor-intensive, repetitive tasks with software automation for organizations across all industries....

Medicare readmissions program not causing observation stay spike

MedPAC found that a CMS program to reduce hospital readmissions didnt cause a spike in observation stays. The report is in response to research that showed hospitals would put people in observation status to avoid penalties....